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FAQs Regarding Visa Debit & Credit Cards

FAQs regarding Visa Debit and Credit Card Compromises

Should your card be listed on the compromised list, SnoCope Credit Union will contact you either via mail or by phone with information that your current Visa Debit or Credit card has potentially been compromised. Protecting your account is our priority.

Does a card compromise mean I have fraud?

Card compromises do not necessarily mean fraud. However, our goal is to minimize impact. If the risk is deemed high, SnoCope Credit Union may take a proactive stance and attempt to block known compromised cards by sending a letter or making a phone call to you prior to fraud occurring. In these instances, our goal is to reach out and block the compromised card as a precautionary measure.

What approach does SnoCope Credit Union take when faced with a card compromise?

SnoCope Credit Union approaches each card compromise individually. We evaluate the need to reissue Debit or Credit cards to affected members, and then take the appropriate action based on the potential risk.

What is a card compromise?

A card compromise occurs when Debit or Credit card information is obtained by an unauthorized individual. Most compromises involve a criminal gaining unauthorized access to a merchant’s card processor known as a database/processor intrusion. It can also occur when a suspect is employed at a particular merchant and they are skimming card information at the time of purchase (an employee skim), or when a skimming device is placed on an ATM machine. In each of these situations, this information is stolen with the intent to commit fraudulent activity.

What personal information is typically stolen and viewable by the suspects when a card is compromised?

When a card is compromised, the suspect typically has access to the card number, expiration date, copy of the magnetic stripe, and/or the 3 digit code on the back of your card. Depending on the type of merchant and breach, the cardholder’s name, address, and phone number may also be compromised if the merchant was storing this data, but information like address and phone number are not stored on your debit or credit card. However, your address and phone number may be available out on the internet as public records can be obtained via a web search.

What is Skimming?

Skimming is the act of an unauthorized individual obtaining Debit or Credit card information during the process of a member performing a valid transaction. This occurs during a card present transaction when the card is validly swiped and the information from the black magnetic stripe on the back is compromised.

What do I do if I discover fraud?

If your card has not yet been blocked, please contact SnoCope Credit Union member services at 425-405-9973. Once your compromised card has been blocked, you will be asked to complete a dispute form and potentially obtain a police report. You will receive reimbursement for unauthorized activity that occurs due to a compromise as long as the activity is reported within 60 days of your statement cutoff date as stated in your account agreement.

How long does it take to receive a replacement Debit and Credit card?

SnoCope Credit Union's Visa Debit and Credit cards take up to 12 business days to reissue. Debit and Credit cards are mailed directly to you. SnoCope Credit Union’s Visa Debit and Credit card PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) arrive separately and also take up to 12 days to arrive.

What if I do not want to have my compromised card blocked?

SnoCope Credit Union understands it is an inconvenience associated with reissuing cards. Fraudulent activity may occur if a compromised card is left active. Should fraudulent activity occur on your account you will be refunded as defined in the member account agreement. To protect the credit union and members from loss resulting in the loss due to compromise your card will be automatically blocked by the Credit Union.

What if I have pre-authorized debits or re-occurring payments made to my compromised card?

Pre-authorized transactions, prior to the date your card was cancelled, will be posted to your account. Please continue to review your account for all transactions posted. For re-occurring payments please contact those merchants upon receipt of your new Visa Debit or Credit card and provide those merchants with the new card number and expiration date.

What can I do to prevent this from occurring again in the future?

Unfortunately the majority of compromises are unavoidable at the consumer level. It is impossible to predict when your card is going to be compromised, therefore we strongly suggest monitoring your account activity regularly and contacting SnoCope Credit Union immediately should there be a transaction that you do not recognize.

While there are no guarantees to prevent Debit and Credit card fraud members can elect to take steps to further protect themselves by purchasing fraud prevention products. It is recommended to always have available more than one source of payment so if your card is compromised you have access to funds.

SnoCope Credit Union has a Credit Monitoring Product called Legal Shield and Identity Theft. To enroll in either of these products please contact the credit union at 425-405-9973.

Why are details surrounding card compromises kept confidential and not shared with the membership?

SnoCope notifies the membership as soon as details of the investigation are provided directly to us from the affected merchant. Typically, the public hears of a breach as the investigation is just underway. The merchant may not be fully aware of all of the details of that investigation as it is happening.

SnoCope Credit Union works directly with Visa and law enforcement to mitigate the compromise and reduce any outstanding financial exposure. During this time, details of the compromise are kept confidential to avoid any negative impact to the integrity of the investigation.

What steps does SnoCope take to monitor for fraudulent activity?

Two scenarios are possible as we take immediate steps to protect our members.

1 - Members may receive a letter or a call directly from SnoCope Credit Union, if we have received your name on a compromised Debit and/or Credit card list and we suspect fraudulent activity.

2 - SnoCope Credit Union partners with a third party who performs fraud monitoring on our behalf for both Visa Debit and Credit cards. You may receive a call from our third party Visa partner attempting to verify activity on your account. They will call to verify information and WILL NOT ASK FOR YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. You know they are legitimate because they will not solicit personal data from you but provide you will factual information. Please note that this is a valid call and our attempt to contact you regarding suspicious account activity.

Why should I notify SnoCope Credit Union if I am planning on traveling?

Please notify SnoCope Credit Union if you are planning on traveling. You can do so by calling into SnoCope Credit Union 425-405-9973, or by visiting our branch at 3130 Rockefeller Ave, Everett, WA, 98201 or by sending a secure message via Executive Online.

When you notify SnoCope Credit Union of your travel dates and destinations we will ask you to provide a contact number and possibly a password on your account so we can contact you should your card become compromised and cancelled.

It is recommended to always have available more than one source of payment so if your card is compromised you have access to funds.

Member Advisory 8/22/14
Visa Debit and Credit Cards

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